July 4, 2010

Graines de Paradis ~ Sharini Perfums Naturels

"a sweet floral-musk perfume fusing traditional enfleurage pommades and botanical musks..."

The perfumer states, "this natural perfume is completely unique" because it uses no floral absolutes and thus is hexane residue free.  Instead they used CO2 extracts and enfleurage (four of the enfleurages were harvested and prepared by Nicolas and Crystel themselves!)

There are 19 ingredients of which 98.6% organic certified and 100% of which have natural origin and without the use of solvent of any kind. The base is organic corn alcohol and organic orange blossom hydrosol.

You can view photos here: http://www.sharini.com/news.html

Top Notes:
white grapefruit
green mandarine
wild cherry and rooibos tea

Heart Notes:
white rose 
linden blossom
Tahitian Gardenia 

Base Notes:
Australian sandalwood

If the goal of this event was to create a Musk fragrance using only botanical ingredients this fragrance accomplished that goal beyond what I would have ever expected possible.  It is so very musky. Not in a cheap disco dance way, but in a rich, serene and beautiful way.

This sensual fragrance reminds me of the sweet scent of orange and gardenia blossoms wafting on a warm summer breeze while eating crème brule in a secret garden as I stare into the abyss of my lovers eyes.   (Too much??  I know, I know... but, seriously... that's what I thought of!)

I will just say right off the bat, the muskiness of this fragrance is not to be ignored! Initially it's flirtatious and coy as it sneeks peeks between the toasty-sweet toffee and flowers... taking its time before making a grand stand.  Then, it comes out in all its glory... both bold and seductive. A word of caution: This elegant and sensual fragrance sends a bold signal and should only be worn if one intends to back it up! :o)

To Nicholas Jennings, the perfumer: I applaud you! The effort it must have taken to source only orgainc and solvent free ingredients is an achievement in and of itself, but to also create, by hand, many of the ingredients through such labor-intensive processes is not to be understated!

Taking into consideration what went into the making of this perfume, each drop of this sweet elixir is something rare and precious. This is not only a gorgeous perfume, it's a labor of love.

Obviously, because of these labor-intensive process, this perfume is a very limited edition.  Only 25 numbered bottles exist.

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