July 4, 2010

Perfumista Cat

Yesterday my cat started acting goofy. I had dried some English lavender and started an infusion with some grape seed oil. The container wasn't large enough, so I transferred it to a larger mason jar. In the process, some of it spilled onto my hands... So, I did what any person would do , I rubbed the oil and lavender on my bare arms as a little bonus moisturizer. Not too long afterwards, my cat (Ziggy), came up to me and started sniffing and licking my arms. I had to laugh because it made me think of that another reviewer who's cat went crazy over one of the Musk scents. 

Then, today I've been wearing Sharini's Grains de Paradis... getting ready to write my review on it. Again, my cat found the spot on my wrist and began sniffing... and then licking it! I think it is just crazy because I've had cats all my life and I know how picky they are with smells and such. They have a very developed sense of smell. Most things send them running. I think it says a lot about natural botanicals and such. Either that, or my cat is turning into a perfumista!

Kyle and Ziggy
A Man and His Cat

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