July 1, 2010

Verdigris by Bellyflowers

Perfumer: Elise Pearlstine

Top Notes: fir balsam, green mandarin, clary sage & ylang ylang

Heart Notes: lavender, clary sage, violet leaf & opoponax

Base Notes: patchouli, ambergris, labdanum, african stone & benzoin

My first impressions: green, fig, hay, spice, serious, pheromonal, warm, masculine. This was before reading the perfumer's notes.

"Musky and green, rich and sexy, Verdigris is inspired by fertile, verdant vegetation and the erotic smells of life.  The unusual mating of green scents from lavender, clary sage and violet leaf with opoponax in the heart complement the herbal green top notes and soften as the musky, earthy base unfolds." ~ Elise Pearlstine

 I find this fragrance to be irresistible.  It is sensual and pheromonal... in a most basic sense. I picture a basket filled with figs, goat cheese, some soft bread with a chewy crust...   and a perfectly aged bottle of Pinot Noir... in a forest meadow... on a blanket...
The top notes of this fragrance are at first flirtatious. Its juicy "fig" drew me in by teasing me and and trying to make me smile.  Then... when my guard was down, its seductively green fir and lavender notes caught me off guard... they breathed, warm and moist, on my neck...  then kissed me on the lips.  There was no turning back...

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